Tuesday, July 28, 2009

YMC: take 2

Working a new illustration for my brother's band again, since they are now short one member or something like that. The last one I did was very loose, daytrotter-y style. Maybe going with something like this next? BROTHER: Respond to me via any communication device, I need your input!


Garrett said...

uh... yes!

I'll call ya later today

Doug said...

Although I like this a lot, you should totally do an illustration of the members of YMC as Kiss. Garrett should be the one with the star eye.

meghan said...

NO! Garrett should be the one that is a CAT!!!!

Garrett said...

:( I was out with my friends this week, and we were all walking back to our cars, just to find that one of them had placed a big red 'CAT' sticker on my window (actually in smaller print under the huge CAT, it says, 'the other white meat,' which is kinda weird).