Saturday, July 25, 2009

Soundscreen has a great idea

Got an email this morning about this company Soundscreen that has these poster "frames". Theyre basically wood at the top and bottom of a poster to hang on the wall- glassless, so they're affordable and moveable. I think I'm gonna get a few when I move into my new place**, because I think I'm going to buy a few amazing posters from some of the studios around the city/beg for a job. haha.

** Oh yea started looking for a studio apartment yesterday, saw some ok ones, good ones, and some yikes NO ones. But I'm pretty sure the neighborhood I'm going to like/afford is boystown!! I think it will be really nice to live there :).


Doug said...

I actually think I've seen something like this in Urban or DWR before (as if those are even closely related...maybe I'm just lying) and I thought about picking it up. Either way, cool idea.

Good luck with the search!

Garrett said...

yeah boystown!