Monday, February 28, 2011


This weekend Matt and I tried out this recipe I found for homemade donuts. We weren't too sure how they would turn out but MAN they were great! We were quite impressed with ourselves. And yes I'm obese.


audrey said...

these look amazing. there's a new donut shop near me in brooklyn with these yeasty great donuts and i've been meaning to try to make some at home - where did you find your recipe?

EB said...

Thanks Audrey!

I actually just googled 'donut recipes' and found a pretty decent one here: and just made a few adjustments.

Are you talking about "Dough" in Brooklyn? I have a few friends there I need to visit soon and that is at the top of my list to stop into.

I'd love to see your posts if you make any, big fan of you blog!