Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I have been pretty busy lately, nothing of too much importance or interest to get their own post yet, but here's a mashup of some random or in-progress projects that I'm working on.

But I'm never too busy, got a project or painting request? Email me! I actually need to start a new large painting soon.


meghan said...

I love this mash-up of your various projects... I recognize *some* but am intrigued by many others! More details soon, please. :)

Tyler said...

thats awesome. you look busy?!

They call me EB said...

Pretty steadily busy, some projects are for me, others are actual projects that pay da bilzzzz... or at least pay the small grocery billz.

Doug said...

The grocery billz. Hahaha...I hear you; it's just like my side biz as a reverend. Sometimes you gotta make it shower.