Friday, August 13, 2010

My first attempt at painting a bike

I've had this interest in painting bikes lately and last night I made my first attempt at it. Mickey has a Bianchi pista that he loves but is a pretty common bike in Chicago, lots of people ride it. So he wanted to do something small so you can still tell its a Bianchi but something to make it stand out a bit. So far we have removed one of the bianchi logos and flag pattern on the seat tube. We wanted to see how that turned out before we removed the second logo on the down tube. Above are step-by step pics of the process. [Removed paint to nice shiny chrome, painted each stripe, clear-coated over] Removing the paint was the greatest, that stuff EATS away at anything. 

Pretty happy with how it turned out, I'd like to attempt a full-on makeover on another bike soon!

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Dean Grey said...

I adore the little rainbow detail!