Thursday, October 1, 2009

Passion pit at Logan Sq. Auditorium

Last night I saw Passion Pit at logan square auditorium. It was a free show....but we paid for tickets because it was put on by XRT radio station and well we didn't win tickets like everyone else, we kind of just heard about it last minute. No worries, we got in and the show was pretty good. I saw them a year ago and this show was much better. It was a 21+ show but I swear I was surrounded by tweens which made me slightly less excited to be there. Also the radio station had a brilliant idea of handing out glow sticks (Wha?) when you entered... only later to find the fans of tweens throwing them at passion pit? "Man I love these guys, let's see if I can hit his face with my glowstick!" I don't know, but towards the end of the show, being right up front was a bad idea as we were getting hit with glow sticks from all angles too. Way to go XRT and "Fans". 

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Sam Spina said...

ah that's suck you had lame time. and i mean, who wants a glowstick? cool pics though