Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New painting pt.1

So I've started working on a new painting for friends. They wanted something really big and colorful, so this is what I'm working with so far. The canvas is 60" x 36", I've been obsessed with crazy  patterns lately so I've started laying out the background pattern of this weird geometric block staircase thing, inspired by a print by Will Bryant (love this guys work). 

I am not sure about colors yet, I think I may want to use different ones than above, but eventually I want to paint a person similar to the photo above, but in my style and perhaps in black and white, over the whole entire pattern. I do not think I will cover the whole canvas with the geometric pattern either.... Still working on the whole idea. Thoughts?


Sam Spina said...

awesome! definitely don't cover the whole thing with a pattern, it looks cool like that. have you seen the "over and over" book by mike perry? thats an awesome hand-made patterns book that you would be super into.

Doug said...

Watch out for those damn snakes

Garrett said...

You need some patterns of bags and boxes and bags.