Monday, August 31, 2009

Weekend with Mom

My mom finally came up to Chicago to help me move out of my old place this weekend. We had a really nice weekend and I was SOOO glad she was there to help me move. (Pics of the new  place coming later, still have no internet and forgot to bring my camera into work-Forgive me.) While we had a day to get things organized before the actual move I took Mom to the Shedd aquarium. I'm not a big fan of aquariums but I'd never been thought it'd be fun. It was pretty cool, we had a nice time, we mostly just stood and watch the beluga whales. They looked like aliens. 

Oh and here's a pic I thought Shan would enjoy. Cinnamon roll french toast with granola and fruit at Ann Sathers. Jealousssss? 


Shandon said...

they instantly make me think of tha visa commercial narrated by snr. morgan freeman. oh and this: I love the fishes cuz they are so delicious!!! i want to eat that toast!

meghan said...

I want to go to there.