Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Sam sent me a watercolor to finish and send back, here's my version "General Collabington".
Sam's is all the stuff in color, I added the head and clipper ship and the name. 


meghan said...

very cool collaboration. i like.

Sam Spina said...

ah, the sad story of general collabington. he sold his favorite ship to the devil just to see what it would be like to be a dog for a day, and couldn't trade back because the devil couldn't understand his dog talk. the only thing he got out of it was an alliance to the king of snakes and the undying love of a 12 year old who thinks that collabington is a pokemon. at least he will be remembered forever on your blog. we should do more!

They call me EB said...

um YES we should do more, especially if you're going to come up with great stories like that one afterwards! haha.

Sam Spina said...

cool i'll send another with my next book, due out in a week or so