Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I done gradumated

Well, the weekend finally came. August graduation! After finishing all my classes in may through july, and ending my fun internship, August 9th I walked across the stage at the colonial center. 
Two of my other good friends also graduated, future roommate Katie (above), and our friend Claire. It was a good weekend as a few of our friends came back into town for it. The ceremony was on saturday morning and then my lovely family held a nice day party at the lake for the graduates. 

We had plenty of food and drinks and lounged in the water all day. The Burkes, Platzbeckers, and the Ryans bonded while the "kids" drank and played games like "who can run around the water trampoline the most times before crashing into the water"... Daniel became champ of the game. 

The day turned into a night party and we took over the kitchen as the parents left, and as my parents decided to surrender the house and sleep out in the tent so we can be as loud as we want....because there was probably no calming us down at 1 in the morning. We partied into the night and everyone stayed over. 

It was a really good ending to a great 3 1/2 years at USC. I said my goodbyes and moved out of my little apartment... goodbye La Casa Grande! Now I am home for a few days until the big move in September. Im getting so excited/kinda scared. Hopefully I'll find a job in time! If anyone has some connections-help me out! 

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